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Robert Elworthy Economics and Technological Institute is the first private higher educational institution in Kropyvnytskyi

The history of the Institute begins in 1993, when the Kirovohrad Institute of Commerce was established (Certificate of State Registration No. 02512-GO dated July 16, 1993). KIC became the first private higher education institution in Kropyvnytskyi and Central regions, where students could master such specialties as "Finance", "Marketing", "Accounting and Auditing", etc.

In August 2017, the Institute was rebranded - the Elworthy Charity Fund became the new owner, and a few months later, in December 2017, the educational institution changed its name to the Robert Elworthy Economics and Technology Institute.

The Institute was named after Robert Elworthy - English businessman, philanthropist and inventor, who in the beginning of XX with his brother Tomas founded the joint-stock company "Elworthy Robert and Thomas", one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery in Yelisavetgrad. New name of the Institute symbolizes the continuation of the traditions of quality, creativity and innovation, that characterized the British innovator of that era, and which underpin the work of the ETI today.

Економіко-технологічний інститут ім. Роберта Ельворті      Економіко-технологічний інститут ім. Роберта Ельворті     Економіко-технологічний інститут ім. Роберта Ельворті

Today Robert Elworthy Economics and Technological Institute is a leading institution of higher education in Kropyvnytskyi and the entire Central region of Ukraine. The institute have a powerful material and technical resources, which allows to carry out the educational process at the modern level, to train specialists in accordance with the requirements of the time and the needs of the region. In 2018, the construction of a new modern ETI building was completed. There are modern computer classrooms, a library with a reading room, a cafeteria, and laboratories for future engineers in it. Each lecture hall of the Institute is equipped with laptops, video projectors and screens for high quality education of students.

Educational activity at the Robert Elworthy Economics and Technological Institute is carried out at the educational and qualification level "Bachelor" in the following areas of training: 071 "Accounting and taxation", 072 "Finance, banking and insurance", 073 "Management", 075 "Marketing" (field of knowledge 07 "Management and administration"), 051 "Economics" (field of knowledge 05 "Social and behavioral sciences"), 131 "Applied mechanics" (field of knowledge 13 "Mechanical engineering"), 122 "Computer science" (field of knowledge 12 "Information technologies" ). After receiving a bachelor's degree, students have the opportunity to continue their studies at the Institute's master's degree in the field of training 073 "Management". In the Economic and Legal College of the Robert Elworthy Economics and Technological Institute is being trained in the field of training 072 "Finance, banking and insurance" (educational level "Professional Junior Bachelor").

ETI employs highly qualified teachers and practical lecturers who not only impart their knowledge to students, but also try to develop critical thinking, modern skills and skills needed in the labour market. The structure of the Institute includes 5 departments: "Marketing, Management and Economics", "Finance and Accounting", "Social and Humanitarian Disciplines", "Applied Mechanics" and "Information Technology".

The teachers of the Institute constantly undergo advanced training, participate in all-Ukrainian and international scientific conferences and competitions. Thus, in 2021, Tetyana Shtets, associate professor of the Department of Finance and Accounting, won the city competition "Young Person of the Year" in the nomination "Young Scientist of the Year". In 2022, Associate Professor of the Department of Applied Mechanics Tetyana Makrukha became a laureate of the Presidential Award of Ukraine for Young Scientists. Oleksiy Izvalov, senior lecturer of the department of information technology, is the regional coordinator of the international project Global Game Jam in Ukraine.

Education at the Institute is based not only on providing students with comprehensive thorough theoretical training in the chosen specialty, but also on the formation of practical skills and work skills in graduates - for this purpose, ETI cooperates with such leading enterprises as JSC "Elworthy", JSC "Hydrosila", PrJSC "Hydrosila APM", PrJSC "Hydrosila LYEDA". The Institute became one of the first educational institutions in which elements of dual education were introduced – a system that allows you to study and work at the same time, without losing either the quality of knowledge or the work process.

Robert Elworthy Economics and Technological Institute is also one of the few educational institutions outside cities with a million people, in which additional knowledge and skills can be obtained by practical managers - from 2020, the Institute has an MBA program. More than 150 students have already successfully completed their studies and gained in-depth knowledge in the field of management and business administration.

Cooperation with international partners is an important area of ​​ETI activity. For a long time, the Institute cooperated with the Peace Corps (USA) and the British Overseas Counseling Service. Within the framework of this cooperation, the Institute was taught by American and European volunteer teachers who offered their own vision of certain subjects and areas, shared their knowledge and experience. Since 2008, more than 1,500 students have attended lectures by foreign experts as part of the project "International experience and training of specialists for the banking sector in Ukraine" of the Swiss consulting service SWISSCONTACT.

The introduction of dual education became possible owing to cooperation with educational institutions in the homeland of this system - in Erfurt (Germany).

On the basis of the Institute, the annual NMS-Elworthy English language competition among schoolchildren takes place, as a result of which the Ukrainian schoolchildren who win the competition get the opportunity to study for free in the best British schools. Competition registration fees for local participants are paid by British philanthropist Michael Clarson Webb, grandson of industrialist Robert Elworthy, after whom the Institute is named. Some of the winners of the NMS-Elworthy competition continue their studies at British universities - Oxford, London University, University of Birmingham.

Robert Elworthy Economics and Technological Institute continues to develop and improve. Future plans include the expansion of the material and technical resources of the Institute (reconstruction of a new educational building with an area of ​​11,000 square meters, construction of a new dormitory for students), the opening of new specialties in the Cybernetics College, as well as the development of vocational and technical and dual education in partnership with leading machine-building enterprises of the region.



The mission of ETI consists in the development of Ukrainian society through the provision of high-quality educational services, the training of specialists in economic and technical specialties with a high level of general and professional competence, the dissemination of scientific knowledge, the formation of conscious citizens, leaders of a new generation who are able to challenge the present and shape the future.



Education quality: in the educational process, we try to combine innovation and tradition, academic excellence and socio-economic soundness, consistency of curricula and freedom of choice for students;

Professionalism: in the educational process and daily behavior, we adhere to high standards of professional activity, use effective and courageous approaches to solving professional tasks;

Practicality: the knowledge and skills acquired by students at ETI are relevant to modern business processes and labor market trends;

Integrity: in our activities we are committed to moral principles and standards aimed at asserting truth, sincerity and fidelity to our obligations;

Respect: we respect all participants in the educational process, the diversity of their opinions and ideas;

Responsibility: we are ready to take responsibility for the results of our activities, fulfill our obligations and set examples of decent behavior;

Self-improvement: we make every effort to continuously improve the educational process, including through professional development of teachers, improvement of educational programs and monitoring of the quality of educational services.