Interim rector, the first vice-rector

Ihor Mykolayovych Vasylenko


Dear applicants, students, employees, partners of the Institute! 

Welcome to the main information resource of the Robert Elworthy Economics and Technology Institute!

Robert Elworthy Economics and Technology Institute is the first private higher educational institution of the Kirovohrad region. The history of the institute dates back to 1993, when the Kirovohrad Institute of Commerce was established. In August 2017, there was a change of owners of the institute. The Elworthy Charity Foundation became the new owner. In December 2017, the name of the institute was changed to the Robert Elworthy Economics and Technology Institute.

Currently, ETI prepares bachelors in 5 specialties of economics and 2 technical fields and masters in the specialty "Management". The college of the Institute trains professional junior bachelors in the specialty "Finance, banking and insurance".

The material and technical base of the Institute is made up of academic buildings: laboratories for general education and special disciplines; computer classes equipped with personal computers of the latest modifications, connected to our local network and connected to the Internet.

Robert Elworthy Economics and Technology Institute aims to constantly improve the approaches to teaching its students. We understand the fact that theoretical education is a little behind the pace of technological progress and the growing demands of the labor market for young professionals. That’s why our institute is constantly working to ensure that the graduate has not only a thorough theoretical background, but also modern practical skills. For this purpose, cooperation has been established with the leading industrial enterprises of the Kirovohrad region: JSC "Elworthy", JSC "Hydrosila", PJSC "Hydrosila APM", PJSC "Hydrosila LEDA" and others.

Choosing your independent life path, you have a unique opportunity to take advantage of the assets, accumulated experience in training highly qualified specialists in our educational institution, as well as have fun and meaningful student years.

We will be glad to see you at our Institute.


interim rector,
Ihor Vasylenko